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Hybrid Teeth

A hybrid, also commonly referred to as an all-on-4, has many names for the same treatment. It’s a permanent (non-removable) option for patients with no existing or savable teeth, who do not want to take dentures out every night and are looking for a function that most closely resembles natural teeth. The teeth are supported by 4-8 implants per arch and are made of various materials.


All of the available options for hybrids will be discussed at your consult and together we can find a treatment that fits your needs.

Each patient will have discussed with them the material options that will suit their individual case at the consult and the advantages/disadvantages of each so together we can make a decision that fits your needs long term. Patients interested in this treatment will have a sample yearly maintenance plan shown to them at the initial consult.

To ensure the comfort of all of our patients, all procedures can be done under sedation if the patient prefers. 

All implants are done at the same facility by Dr. Corey Raymond, an experienced dentist who also gives lectures across the country about performing implants properly. 

Please fill out the form or call the number below if you're interested in an All-On-4, or have any questions for us. We'll be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Call: (484) 685-3933

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