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Implant Dentures

(Snap Dentures)

A smaller, tighter denture without the adhesive.


 Dental implants can be used to help stabilize both complete and partial dentures. Lower dentures can be significantly more comfortable with as little as 2 implants, they are even more secure with 4 implants; typically removing the need for any adhesive and making the denture feel more solid to the jaw.

Upper dentures can often have the roof of the mouth removed with 4 implants, allowing patients to have more taste while eating, no longer need denture adhesive, and have a much more natural feel. There are many treatment options available for all types of denture patients; individual options will be discussed at the consultation appointment then a plan that fits your expectations can be determined.

To ensure the comfort of all of our patients, all procedures can be done under sedation if the patient prefers. 

All implants are done at the same facility by Dr. Corey Raymond, an experienced dentist who also gives lectures across the country about performing implants properly. 

Please fill out the form or call the number below if you're interested in snap dentures, or have any questions for us. We'll be back in touch with you as soon as possible.

Call: (484) 685-3933

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