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complete implants done under one roof!

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The Academy of Modern Implants & Dentistry- 

A new approach to dentistry: an all in one location for advanced surgical, general, and family dental care.


In 2020, Dr. Corey Raymond started The Academy of Modern Implants & Dentistry in King of Prussia, PA with the goal of bringing the highest quality dental care to patients of the Philadelphia area at a fraction of the cost of traditional dental offices.


Dr. Raymond has lectured across the United States on the most advanced, cutting edge techniques in implant dentistry. Due to his dental affiliations, he is able to pass cost savings to patients in nearly all aspects of dental care. The Academy of Modern Implants & Dentistry accepts all PPO plans, offers various payment plans and options, and can make even the most expensive dental treatments within reach to everyone.


“The Academy of Modern Implants & Dentistry is a place where patients can feel comfortable, receive the highest quality care, and know they are getting treated fairly.”

-Dr. Corey Raymond

About Us



Dr. Corey Raymond is a 2014 graduate from Temple University School of Dentistry. During Dr. Raymond’s time at Kent State University, he studied extensively in chemistry and molecular biology, completing research in the use of nanoparticles to target cancer cells with various anti-cancer drugs. In 2010 Dr. Raymond entered Temple University School of Dentistry, receiving his Doctor of Dental Medicine.


After graduation, Dr. Raymond practiced in Cleveland, Ohio and Charlotte, North Carolina where he has developed new surgical approaches and 3D printing techniques for dental implant surgery. Using this technique, less invasive and painful procedures can be completed quickly and accurately while speeding up the healing process.


Dr. Raymond has taken this experience and has lectured for multiple companies across the United States on the most modern techniques available in dentistry. Due to these affiliations, the Academy of Modern Implants & Dentistry can offer significant cost savings on nearly all dental procedures while still using the highest quality materials.


In 2020, Dr. Raymond started the Academy of Modern Implants & Dentistry in King of Prussia to offer patients an alternative to the traditional model of dentistry. “My goal is to make a place where procedures that patients thought were too expensive or too painful a possibility”.


Since graduating from Temple University he always wanted to move back and call the Philadelphia area home. “I’m excited to be back and offer the people of the Philadelphia area something of value, and I’m most excited to see the changes we can make for people”.


In Dr. Raymond’s free time, you can find him on the golf course, playing guitar and piano, or hanging out with his two Great Danes, Walter and Howard.

About Dr. Raymond

Patient Testimonials

Penny C.

I previously had a very long and painful experience with another dentist and was nervous to have the same procedure done. Dr. Raymond reassured me that the procedure would be painless and done in a matter of minute- he was right! Dr. Raymond turned a bad experience into a good one and I will continue to recommend him to anyone!

Jill M.

After wearing a denture for many years, I was so happy to find Dr. Raymond for my implants and permanent teeth. I am extremely pleased with the quality of work, modern technology and the price was significantly less than other places I looked. I’ve had many compliments on my new smile!



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